Air Filtration


Breathe Easy – You have invested a lot in your farm repair shop. BD Building Supply can help you keep it clean and safe. Our air filtration products filter out unwanted welding smoke and fumes, grinding dust, inset farm shopsdiesel smoke and even light paint overspray. No need to exhaust your heat outside during the winter – the Industrial Maid T 3000 packaged air cleaning unit will filter the air and keep you warm and comfortable. We have hundreds of units installed out in the Ag market. Let us help you protect your workers, your assets and keep your shop free of unwanted nuisance dust.


In the typical welding bay, you often have overhead cranes, forklifts, jib cranes and a variety of material handling equipment that make it a challenge to capture hazardous welding smoke and fumes. Industrial Maid has several tested and proven solutions. Let us show you how our T-Series packaged air filtration units are quickly becoming the industry standard for controlling smoke and fumes ininset welding bayslarge fabrication shops across the U.S. Our energy efficient units provide a push-pull air pattern to keep the air quality in check, protect your welders, protect your assets and keep energy costs in control. Our variable frequency control packages help lower energy consumption, increase filter service life and extend the life of the electrical motors.


Industrial Maid air filtration systems from BD Building Supply can help protect your employees and equipment investment, clean up the shop area and take stress off of your HVAC system. Our OM series mist collectors use a loft fiberglass filtration media to collect water or petroleum based machining coolants. The vertical design with three stage filtration, helps drain off excess inset machine shopscoolant, keeps the filters cleaner longer and efficiently filters out the hazardous smaller size mist created by today’s high pressure high flow machining centers. In addition, Industrial Maid T-Series units give you the option of cleaning all the ambient air in your shop. Give our experts a call when it is time to choose an air filtration system that is right for your operation.


Your company works hard to provide a top quality finished product. This means your staff is focused on grinding and finishing with precision and detail. Industrial Maid products from BD Building Supply can help you inset grindingprovide a comfortable and safe work space while collecting the unwanted dust particulate created during these operations. We offer several equipment options including booths, dry media collectors, filter walls, general ambient air cleaners and even wet collectors. Let BD Building Supply along with Industrial Maid’s engineering staff help you find a solution for your dust collection needs.

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