Cantilever Racking


Cantilever racking is a free standing storage unit with horizontal load carrying arms extending outward from a single vertical column.  The absence of a vertical support on the outboard ends of the arms permits the storage of long length materials including lumber, pipe, steel, augers, tubing, and more.

Cantilever racking consists of three main components: uprights, arms, and brace sets.

1. Uprights:

Uprights consist of a vertical column and a horizontal base which is bolted to the column.  A minimum of two uprights must be used to form a single storage bay.  These uprights have holes punched every three inches for adjusting the height of the arms and can be single or double sided.

2. Arms:

Arms are the main component of the cantilever rack system.  Proper selection of arms is vital to the overall design of the system. These arms come in straight and inclined styles and can range from 12” to 60” in length. A hair pin keeper permits instant adjustability and is easily inserted and removed for adjustment of the arm height.

3. Brace Sets:

Braces are structural channel members that are bolted between a pair of uprights to provide lateral stability to the system.  X-bracing is utilized to increase the lateral stability of units taller than 15 feet in height. The  braces are measured from centerline of one upright to the centerline of the next upright and are sold in sets.

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